ABCs for Expectant Dads

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    Todd Barrett Lieman

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    For every father-to-be wondering about life with a baby, comes Todd Barrett Lieman s witty ABCs for Expectant Dads. This Go-To Guide for GuysTM includes more than 100 pages of point-blank information from the intriguing APGAR score to all the ZZzzzz s that Dad won't be getting after the baby is born!

    ABCs for Expectant Dads tells the special guy in your life what s what with fatherhood, from that life-changing, line-on-the-stick moment to baby s first sippy cup.

    Says Lieman: It's the ultimate A-Z guide for new dads, as they wade their way through some VERY unfamiliar waters.

    Lieman, a veteran writer and new dad, pulls no punches with bright, informative entries like:

    Diapers: How can something that seems so harmless be so . . . not harmless?

    Fear: Holy moly, you have a kid! What the heck were you thinking?

    iPod: The labor process can take hours upon hours and hours upon hours. It can take days. So it's important to have some music in the birth room.

    Jealousy: You are gonna feel it. You'll be jealous of your kid. You'll be jealous of your partner. You'll be jealous of your friends that don t have kids. You ll be jealous of the 18-year-old kid down the street with the hot girlfriend.

    Layette: An expensive French name for stuff your baby needs ...

    Maternity Clothes: Repeat this phrase, Honey, you look awesome in that outfit.

    Baby Monitors: Watching and listening to your kid will become an addiction, but is potentially good practice for when she is a teenager and has a boy in the house.

    Opportunity Weight: You get to order whatever you want and/or finish what she doesn't. It s great fun!

    Poop: It s what you fear most.

    Strollers: Shopping for a stroller is like shopping for a car . . . It s the first thing you'll notice when another family strolls by. You'll whisper with envy if they have a more expensive model, and you'll silently mock them if they have the cheap equivalent.

    Ultrasound: A serious reality check.

    Wife (if applicable): After this experience, if you don t think she s the most amazing person on the planet, you should be shot.

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