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Vampire Breath by R.L.Stine is about how Cara and Freddy get stuck in a castle and try to escape. In the beginning, Cara and Freddy break an antique cabinet. Behind the cabinet there is a tunnel that leads to a small room. In the room Freddy and Cara see a coffin. At first, they didn't see anything in the coffin but after a closer look they saw a bottle of vampire breath. They opened the bottle of vampire breath and saw a vampire. By accident the vampire takes Cara and Freddy back to his castle. At the castle, the vampire couldn't find his other bottle of vampire breath. The vampire, Freddy, and Cara try to find it. Freddy and Cara are looking for it so they can go back home. The vampire, Countnightwing, is looking for the vampire breath so he can turn Freddy and Cara into vampires. I really think you should read this book because it is funny. Who will find the vampire breath first? Read to find out who finds it.

Goosebumps:#49 Vampire Breath

  • R. L. Stine

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