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Is it possible for a person of average intelligence and modest means to ascend to the throne of the world class? The answer is YES! Not only is it possible - it's being done everyday. This book shows you how. Some of the Mental Toughness Secrets You Will Learn: Champions Lead Through Facilitated Introspection, The World Class Compartmentalize Their Emotions, The World Class Are Ferociously Cooperative, The Great Ones Possess Supreme Self Confidence, The World Class Embrace Metacognition, The World Class Are Coachable, Champions Know Why They Are Fighting, The World Class Operate From Love and Abundance, School Is Never Out For The Great Ones, Champions Are Interdependent The Great Ones Are Bold, Champions Are Zealots For Change, The Great Ones Don't Give Back They Just Give, Champions Are Masters Of Mental Organization, The Great Ones Only Negotiate Win-Win Deals, Champions Seek Balance, Champions Believe In Honesty, The Great Ones Aren't Afraid To Suffer.

177 Mental Toughness Secrets Of The World Class

  • Steve Siebold

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