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New. Born in a barn, raised in a ghetto, a common laborer by trade, he spoke in obscurity, yet what did jesus of nazareth do to become the most quoted person in history? What would we learn if we were to evaluate jesus? Communication style in the 21st century? Talk like jesus explores the techniques of the master communicator through the eyes of a media expert. Jesus? Communication patterns are introduced with the ?s.i.m.p.l.e.? Method, which is based on six steps: ? Stories ? Interaction ? Multi-track communication ? Preparation ? Love ? Execution with careful analysis, historical reference, humorous storytelling and even sci-fi analogies, this book challenges the reader with new communication paradigms and practical suggestions. Whether you?re a high-profile ceo, salesperson, manager, teacher, parent or pastor, these time-tested methods will inspire you to improve your professional and personal communication skills by learning how to ?

Talk Like Jesus: The Master Communicator

  • Lynn Wilford Scarborough

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